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Susie’s Figure Fabulous Weight Loss Boutique

Transform your Mind and your Beautiful Body will Follow




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Transform Your Mind

Weight loss is a journey that starts with the mind. If you have not set your mind into achieving a fit and healthy body, then all of your efforts will eventually fall short. We at Susie’s Figure Fabulous Weight Loss Boutique in Wichita Falls, Texas can help you with that.

Our fitness boutique is designed for personal training and life coaching to help people lose weight. Our approach involves transforming the mindset of our clients, training their thoughts in positive affirmations that can doubly further their weight loss process.

We have been in the business for more than 11 years, while our lead personal trainer and life coach, Susanna Ross, has been formulating and implementing weight loss programs for 25 years. She has helped people lose weight with her book titled Figure Fabulous, which serves as a personal step-by-step nutrition guide from Susanna herself.

Mission and Vision

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